We have been in business selling handmade products and gifts since 2015. We are all about making high quality and custom made products. Custom, handmade Tools for any Hunt, Fishing or camping trip. Custom made Tools , kitchen knives , hunting knives, survival knives , pocket knives ,swords, axes , rings & hammers that fit your needs! Forging is the art of shaping metal using localized compressive forces. we use a blacksmithing hammer and manpower to mold the steel into the shape of a blade. When we hammer forge, we not limited to the width of the stock and there is less waste during the original shaping process. we then use a stock removal technique to form the knife blade angle on my hand made Axes Knives and Tools. We intentionally prefer to leave these hammer marks into the blade so that the owner can see a sense of uniqueness and craftsmanship involved in its creation. However all of our hand forged, custom made Tools can be designed without these marks at the request of the buyer. Because of the hand forged process every custom blade is an artisanal creation custom hammered out a hot bar of steel then heat treated to produce a handmade knife of superior quality and character. Material: we spare no expense when selecting the materials to make my Products. we strive to provide all of my customers with a superior quality item, which can be enjoyed for years. Steel: My primary steels Is High carbon steel but not limited to, we also use D2 , 440C and a variety of Damascus and variety of stainless steel and so on, Will use others at customers request. My blades are heat treated to give optimum performance. Handles: we use a wide variety of handle material, our preference being Stabilized Burls, Stag, Sheep Horn, Buffalo horn , camel bones, dye bones, Woods, stabilized resin handles and many others. Handles are custom designed to fit the style and purpose of each product. When you purchase one of our product, you will know that you own an item which was made by someone who takes great pride in his work, creating the knife out of raw materials. Each product is individually handcrafted and we strive for superior quality in each knife we make. If you don’t see exactly what you had in mind, let’s talk, chances are we can make it for you. Every day we are available please write a email to us .We provide 100% customer support& satisfaction is our priority. we strongly welcome wholesale buyers… who want to retail our Knives Axes and tools. please email us with your quote and we will provide you all you need to resell our knives… Thanks For Visiting.