Hadhafang saber of Arwen’s sword the Evening Star The Lord of the Rings

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Hadhafang saber of Arwen’s sword lord of the rings arwen sword , the Evening Star The Lord of the Rings christmas gift for her, mother

I served the Elf Peredhel (“Half-Elf”), daughter of Elrond and Celebrían, and granddaughter of Galadriel. I accompanied her long before she united the two main bloodlines: men and elves. I am a legacy. I belonged to Idril, daughter of King Turgon of the lost kingdom of Gondolin. Through his son Eärendil, then his grandson, Elrond, I followed this line to be handed over to Arwen, his great-granddaughter¹. Having become Queen of Arnor and Gondor, she followed the same path as Idril by marrying a man.
Magical text and golden interlacing decorate my blade and hilt. I have no hilt, but the unique shape of my blade protects my noble queen from the attacks of her enemies.

Overall: 101 cm
Steel blade engraved with gold-colored elven runes on both sides.

Brass- plated metal knob.