Handmade viking replica sword of king Ragnar Lothbork




A magnificent movie replica, the sword of King ragnar lothbrok aka Travis Fimmel from the Vikings series.

Master Sword thoroughly serves the purpose of a showpiece because of its perfect size and shape. The weight of the Sword makes it even more feasible to be hung on walls and play in your backyard.

A perfect props replica for a perfect boyfriend or husband

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Sword Features:-

Overall Length:- 39″ Inches
Blade Length:- 30″ Inches
Blade:- Stainless Steel
Handle:- 9″ Inches
Fully Decorated Steel handle
Handle material: Pommel and guard: cast zinc adorned with imitation gems, yellow/orange and white
The pommel is inscribed with antique-style stones and the grip is wrapped with red stones.
Sword Display Wall Mount

It is a great gift specially designed for Christmas. It is not a regular sword but comes with unique handwork and amazing price and quality.

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